Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky



Directed by Ngai Choi Lam

This film has built up a bit of a reputation and has become a cult classic over the years. The reason for that is simple. It’s an absurd and crazy violent piece of camp. When watching it, it feels as though you’re witnessing if Troma had decided to make a Kung Fu movie. It contains their grade of cinematography, acting, and writing as it barely strings together a coherent story between the ultra gory fight scenes, which, very fittingly, only have the gore to offer as the choreography would make even lesser Shaw Bros or Golden Harvest films blush (wait a sec, THIS IS A GOLDEN HARVEST???? Oh my…). The gore is indeed hysterical and if someone gutting themselves so they can try and choke someone with their intestines sounds hilarious to you (and it should. Unless you’re some damn dirty ape) then it’s worth at least one go around. Every time I started to think the film was lulling it pulled me back in with some fresh absurdity whether it be large (did you miss what I said? A fool chokes someone with his own intestines!) or small (the hilariously large and inconsequential porn collection of the bad guy’s).

If you want what would be one of Troma’s best and not have that seedy/dirty/cheap porno feel, this is a pretty good movie to go with. I was most pleased.

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