Hey, there, reader. You seem cool, why don’t you tell me about yourself? Well, I guess I’ll start the conversation since you’re being so quiet. My name is Tyler. I’m a 20 something university student and I like movies. A lot. I also like talking about movies. And writing about them. And trying to make them. I really have no reason that you should listen, read or watch what I do. I don’t desire to be famous (and at this rate, I won’t!) but I just love cinema and everything it involves so if my expressing that can make you appreciate, admire, or just compound the love for movies you also have, then I’ve done more than I could hope and it’s all up from there.

If you hate my reviews and me by proxy… Well… I don’t have a witty rebuttal. There’s a red x you could click… But you could stay here and argue. That would be cool too.

2 thoughts on “About

    • I think I’m gonna set the record for lates reply ever, but I’m glad you share my affection for film and use it as the same marvelous tool for escaping as I so often do. Hope you’re still around now that I finally have time to give this some attention.

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