My Projects

I am currently working on an original feature film based in Houston called “Wolves of Texas”. Like my previous web series project, it’s very low budget, but using the knowledge I amassed from working on it and acquiring far better equipment, I am hoping it will very much be a superior product. It will be a blending of multiple genres, from martial arts to neo noir, that will hopefully all at once pay homage to the many films that have influenced me as well as be a distinctive and original film in it’s own right. We are currently in the long, arduous process of production. If you have any interest in the project, feel free to contact me here and I’ll do my best to reply.

In addition to this feature, a friend and I manage a youtube channel called Only Yoda Forgives that is dedicated to our fan edits. It is home to the Neon Noir edit of the Star Wars prequels, a project I am particularly proud of that has gotten wonderful feedback thus far. Here is a link to the channel:

Disclaimer: I do not claim to hold the rights to any of the materials on the Only Yoda Forgives channel. It is merely for entertainment and my own education on the editing process.


The Undead Web Series

(Update: Unfortunately, this series was ended on episode 6. The schedules of all involved simply became too busy to allow it to continue and other changes prevented any chance of continuity or quality. I may do a blog post that details the conclusion of the series but there hasn’t been any demand for it.)

A spiderweb of interlocking stories of zombies, victims, and the few survivors that have to live in this scary new world. Revolving around a group of three strangers that take refuge in a house during the zombie apocalypse, each episode develops their, often mysterious, pasts and builds towards a harrowing future.

You may have seen a zombie web series before, but not one like this. Every episode will expand the world in new, hopefully fascinating, possibly frightening, way.

This is a no budget, completely independent zombie web series and I hope that you enjoy it. 

Subscribe and share if it pleases you.

Written & Directed by: Tyler Jones

Screen Play by: Tyler Jones

Produced by: Tyler Jones & Crystal Clark

Starring: Michael Clark, Kitzia Jimenez, Jacob Bratton, & Joel Solis

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